Loyalty Scheme

Rewarding your loyalty

We launched our loyalty scheme in 2017 as a thank you to our customers for their continued loyalty over the last 10 years. From the moment you enrol in the Loyalty scheme you will be earning valuable points on each purchase you make over £100.

How it works

Whether you are shopping with us online, or at any event you can earn loyalty points.
Each time you spend a £100 you receive a point, when you have reached 5 points you will be rewarded with a £25.00 voucher. This may be redeemed at any of our events or online over the following six months.







Loyalty Points *

1 Point

2 Points

3 Points

4 Points

5 Points







Points are awarded for full £100.00 spends.

Other benefits

As a member of our reward scheme you will receive a selection of benefits including advance notification of sale dates, information about new season launches, special offers and promotions.


Joining the scheme

Simply make your own personal account on the website and loyalty points will automatically be added in line with your purchases.
For those who have already enrolled in the loyalty scheme, please make your personal account and we will add your points to it ready for your next purchase.

For full terms and conditions, please click here.